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Mediafarm - The Visual Communication Company

Our services

Mediafarm specializes in visual communication of complex knowledge. We offer a wide range of design services, visualization, video production and app development, particularly for the pharmaceutical industry, education, cultural establishments and the broader industry.

We can help with your first ideas and concept, right through to the finished product, or dive straight into a project at the stage in your process where you need a creative view.

Below you can see what services we offer.

Idea and concept design

“Ideas are the root of creation”
– Ernest Dimnet, French author

We have experience with communication on all platforms, working from initial ideas, storyboarding and manuscripts, through to the finished product.

Always with branding, visual identity, look and feel considered within the concept.

Illustration and visualization

A picture says more than a thousand words

Whether you wish to visualize or present your product, a concept, your research data or something else entirely, we can deliver an elegant solution.

We produce medical, scientific and technical illustrations, layouts, 3D product visualization and much more.

animation and video

“Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive”
– Walt Disney

Moving pictures are often the easiest way to explain a complex subject. We work with both 2D and 3D animation, filmediting and post production.

Through close dialog, together we will find the best solutions aimed at the right target audience.

apps and interactive solutions

Learning by doing

Interactive communication strengthens understanding and learning. We deliver interesting solutions for e-learning, games and realtime 3D. In addition we offer solutions via mobile, web and CMS systems.

We work with responsive design, where the website design adapts the layout seamlessly from computer to mobile and tablet.

Years of experience

With a broad portfolio, we have extensive experience disseminating complex knowledge. Our key focus is within healthcare and natural sciences. We help our clients communicate to school pupils, students, employees, professionals, patients and consumers., and we deal with both B2B and B2C communication.

Our many years of experience, and the educational backgrounds of our team, enable us to meet the requirements needed to understand and process difficult subjects. We take pride in making sure our productions are of highest quality, both scientifically and visually.

Health sector  ::  Healthcare Marketing  ::  Pharmaceutical and biotech industry


We help you communicate product information to colleagues within the industry, healthcare staff, patients and investors.


  • Medical Illustration: Use highend, detailed illustrations or simple, clean-cut figures to help communicate anatomical or health-related subjects.
  • MOA Animations: Explain your product’s mechanism of action through animation capable of visualizing unfilmable processes and of giving you the visual expression you require.
  • E-Detailing: Strengthen your sellers’ prerequisites for a successful dialogue with doctors or pharmacist, by giving them an interactive, digital tool for presenting product information. We can deliver complete e-learning solutions or visual content to existing productions.
  • Instructional Videos: Make it easier to educate healthcare staff on the use of medical appliances by showing a video that explains and demonstrates the entire process.



Science and Natural History  ::  Scientific Communication  ::  Educational Sector


We help you communicate your research and teaching topics.


  • Animation: Explain your teaching material in an lively, educational and up-to-date manner. When words and stills fall short, we produce animations that easily explain and visualize complex subjects through a combination of moving images and a narrative voiceover.
  • Figures: Support your publications or spice up your website with professionally-designed figures. We can present your primary data with elegant layout, and design graphic figures to explain principles, contexts and processes.
  • Poster Layout: Go to conferences with posters that stand out. We can present text and images elegantly and in compliance with the visual identity of your workplace.



Museums  ::  School and education ::  Culture


We provide digital tools that, through interactivity and immersion, provide fun and educational experiences for museum visitors, tourists and school children.


  • Immersive Universes: Communicate knowledge through a digital universe of experiences where the user delves into a 3-dimensional world, creating immersion and visual and spacious context. We can deliver apps for mobile devices that in the hands of the user feels like a window to other times and places.
  • Interactive Installations: Use interactive digital tools to make your museum installations engaging and educational.
  • Learning Games: Teach your target audience using games where fun and learning go hand in hand.



B2B  ::  Industry  ::  Company Communication


We put your product in the best light.


  • Product Visualization: Display your product in a clear and elegant way . We can produce 3D visualizations as either still images or videos where your product is presented from the best angles, in the best light, and without distractions.
  • Technical Illustration: Visualize your product via informative, highly detailed and technically accurate illustrations. We can take apart your product and highlight the exact details that are most important for your message.
  • Presentations: Substantiate your talks with strong and vivid presentations. We can help you optimize layout, visual content and communication value, working both in PowerPoint and Prezi.


Here is a selection of our projects.

What do our clients say?

Our goal is first and foremost giving you a product that you are satisfied with.

Here you can see what previous clients think about our collaboration.

Our creative team

Mediafarm was founded in 2002 with a solid background in 3D graphics and traditional Illustration behind them.

Today we are a strong creative team of experienced graphic artists, designers and developers specializing in 3D visualization, animation and interactive design.

In addition to the permanent team , we have a number of close partners that enables us to deliver solutions for a wide range of tasks. Overall, Mediafarm therefore offer a full range of creative skills.

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