Educational biology animation

Producing 3D animations for a publishing company.

We have produced biology animations used by the publishing company Alinea on their e-learning platform for teaching natural sciences to 7th-9th grade school children.

Client: Alinea_hvid
Alinea, Egmont

Natural science education –


We were asked to explain the two biological processes photosynthesis and respiration by means of animation. We needed to translate content from traditional text books into live images and a coherent and smooth narrative.

In addition, we needed to show concepts and elements in two different organisms (plant and animal) and on three different scales – from the macroscopic level visible to the naked eye all the way down to the microscopic cellular level.

We created a 3D universe that encompassed all the needed elements and allowed us to tell a visually coherent story. Camera moves and editing made it possible to move the story from one visual level to another.

We made a storyboard in order to pre-visualize the storyline with a number of simple drawings. In collaboration with the client we fine-tuned the scientific content and wrote a manuscript, allowing us to support the visual layer with a voice over.

The final product is a 3-minute animation which works both as one video and as two separate chapters.

The animation explains two complex biological processes in an easy-to-understand and visually compelling way. It is part of Alinea’s e-learning platform which elevates the teaching of natural sciences away from text books on to a more up-to-date and technological level.

It is a pleasure to work with creative people who are capable of converting scientific subjects to easily understandable and accurate animations. Mediafarm delivers – always with a smile and a high level of professional sparring.

– Anne Dorte Spang-Thomsen
Editorial Director, Alinea Science/Egmont

Animeret biologi til undervisning