Visualization of medical devices

Product visualization for iPad-based marketing platform.

We have helped the medico company Ambu present their products to their costumers, by creating interactive models and informative animations.

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Ambu A/S

Content for marketing platform


When sales personnel at Ambu present products to their costumers, they use a specially developed marketing platform for iPad.

Ambu wanted us to produce new content that would improve the app from a scientific, functional and visual standpoint.

In collaboration with Ambu we decided on a number of different communication tools. In each their own way, they would create new value for the sales personnel as well as the costumers.

We developed and produced:

  • Interactive 3D models allowing the user to explore the products on their own.
  • 3D animation presenting the products and their advantages in a streamlined fashion.
  • 2D animations instructing healthcare personnel in the use of the products – or informing patients about the procedures for which the products are used.
  • App functionality using augmented reality and simple game elements.

We based the design off of Ambu’s visual identity and the existing app design. Thus, we created a number of different products that all work in unison visually and that are integrated smoothly with the rest of Ambu’s sales and marketing products.

The finished products have become an integrated part of Ambu’s marketing platform, which is used by sales personnel across the world. The different types of visualization provide the sales personnel with the freedom to costumize and optimize their presentations depending on the situation. The interactive elements and elegant animations contribute to making Ambu’s products stand out to potential clients.

The quality of the delivered products and the very positive feedback that Ambu has received from their sales personnel have resulted in our continued collaboration with the company.

The collaboration with Mediafarm has enabled us not only to visualize the properties of the products in a unique fashion, but also to tell a story about the products in a way we haven’t been able to before. We believe that this can make a big difference for our costumers.

– Michael Aspe-Gürtler
Director of Patient Monitoring & Diagnostics, Ambu

Visualisering af medicinsk udstyr